Pork Liver Dog Treats 2lb

Containing: High Protein – Vitamin A, B, Iron, Omega-3-6, Niacin & Zinc Will Strengthen your Dogs imune sistem & Boost up his Energy


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SuperCan Pork Liver Dog Chews are 100% Natural, Chemical Free Treats process at our own Human Food Graded Facility under Strict CFIA, hand inspected and selected before placing it into your bag. SuperCan Pork Chews for Dogs are Natural, Tasty and healthy treats. Pork Liver Chews are Naturally Loaded with Proteins, Vitamins and essential Minerals that will keep your dog healthy and happy.

🌿 ALL NATURAL & HEALTHY Dog Treats – SuperCan Pork Liver Slices Dog Chews are Chemical Free, Naturally Loaded with Vitamin A, Cooper, Iron, Phosphorus, Zinc, Omega 3 & Omega 6 For Happy and Healthy Dogs

🥩 NUTRIENT DENSE SUPERFOOD For Dogs, SuperCan Beef Liver is a Nutritional Power House of High Quality Proteins that will Boost Up your Dogs Immune System

🥇 PREMIUM QUALITY DOG CHEWS, All SuperCan Treats and Chews are Processed at our OWN Production Facility under Strict Safety Quality Food Regulations, Hand Inspected and carefully selected before placing them into your Dogs bag.

✅ HEALTHY TEETH & GUMS: Chewing SuperCan All Natural Treats stimulates jaw muscles promoting the removal of harmful plaque and tartar for whiter, stronger teeth improving your dogs over all dental health.


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