Bully Sticks FAQs: Answering The Most Common Questions About These Natural Dog Treats

Bully sticks have been around for quite some time but many dog owners still have a lot of questions about these somewhat unconventional dog treats. Let’s see if we can clear up some misinformation and set the record straight.

What Exactly Are Bully Sticks?

First, let’s get the most frequently asked (and somewhat awkward) question out of the way first. Bully sticks are made from beef muscle, specifically from bull penises. In fact, one of the most popular alternative names for bully sticks is “pizzles” – which is an old English word for penis.

In fact, you may have purchased these dog treats for your canine friend without even realizing it because they are marketed under several different names. Some of the most common names include:

  • Pizzles
  • Pizzle sticks
  • Bull sticks
  • Steer sticks
  • Bull pizzles

Are Bully Sticks Healthy?

There are many reasons why people buy dog treats or dog chews. For some, it is so that they can give their dog a reward for good behavior. Other dog owners simply want to give their dog something to chew on and keep them occupied. However, one of the main worries that dog owners have when it comes to dog treats, is if they are healthy or not.

No one wants to reward their canine friends by giving them unhealthy food to eat. However, as long as you buy your bully sticks from a reputable retailer, you don’t have to worry. Bully sticks are 100% natural and contain no additives, fillers, or preservatives.

In addition to this, chewing bully sticks actually promotes good oral hygiene. It helps to facilitate the removal of plaque and tartar, leaving your dog with healthier gums and stronger teeth in the long run.

It is also worth noting that because bully sticks are made solely from beef, they usually contain minuscule amounts of fat (around 1-2%) and are chocked full of protein (80-85%).

Do Bully Sticks Smell Bad?

Bully sticks are healthy, natural dog treats. However, like a lot of meat-based dog treats that aren’t packed with artificial additives and preservatives, bully sticks do have a noticeable aroma. In fact, this aroma is one of the prime reasons why dogs are so fond of bully sticks. Be that as it may, many dog owners find that the smell of bully sticks is too strong for their sensitive noses.

As an answer to this dilemma, odor free bully sticks have become an increasingly popular solution in recent years.

Should I Give My Puppy Bully Sticks?

Puppies are delicate – both on the outside and on the inside. So, as a result, many people are often worried about giving their puppy specific foods or dog treats.

You don’t have to worry about your puppy and bully sticks. In fact , they are quite possibly one of the safest treats that you could get for your puppy. There is no risk of bully sticks splintering – like bones – and damaging your puppy’s internal organs. They are also low in fat and high in protein, so they are perfect for growing dogs.

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