Bones for Dogs: Everything You Should Know

The image of a dog gnawing on some juice bones is so often represented in media and books that we take it for granted. That’s why many owners don’t think twice before giving their pooch a bone to chew.

However, you might hear a lot of conflicting things about bones for dogs. Some people will say that bones are good, while others might tell you that bones are dangerous.

It’s natural to be confused and wonder what the truth is. Fortunately, I’ve here to tell you everything you should know about bones for dogs.

Just keep on reading.

Are Bones Safe for Dogs?

Let’s start from the beginning and discuss how safe raw and cooked bones are for dogs. You’d be surprised by some of the facts, I’m sure. Cooked bones are dangerous for dogs because they break easily into tiny pieces. These bone parts might pierce your dog’s intestine, cause internal bleeding, and damage your dog’s mouth.

Moreover, bone pieces might also get lodged into the trachea or the stomach and choke your dog. Constipation, vomiting, and diarrhea are also possible side effects. Besides the dangers, cooked bones aren’t that beneficial for your dog because cooking removes most of the essential nutrients. That’s why cooked bones in any form are a big “NO.”

On the other hand, raw bones are safe for dogs as long as you keep several things in mind and get them for a local butcher. First, dogs can choke on any bone if they don’t chew it thoroughly or swallow it whole. So, bones, in general, aren’t good for dogs that inhale their food.

Furthermore, pork bones and rib bones crack easily, even when you give them raw. Stick to chicken, turkey, lamb, and beef bones. They’re soft, easy to digest, and unlikely to damage your dog’s teeth.

Another concern about raw bones is bacteria contamination. Since the bones won’t be going through any thermal processing, you have to store them properly and give them one at a time. Throw the bone away a couple of hours after your dog has had their fun.

Despite their cons, bones can be an excellent natural chew for dogs when you take all the precautions.

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